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8. Yvette
01.04.2014 | 11:44

Ich bin froh eine so gute, warmherzige und fürsorgliche Gynäkologin gefunden zu haben. Ich fühle mich bei ihr sehr gut aufgehoben. Ich bin wirklich froh sie gefunden zu haben, denn ich habe noch nie ein Arzt gehabt der einen so gut betreut hat und auf einen eingegangen ist. Eine Top-Ärztin smile
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7. Megan
21.03.2014 | 12:23

I recently delivered a healthy girl with the exceptional support of Dr. Kamilla Hallier and Ann Sophie. Although I am effusive in my thanks and appreciation with them, they often reiterate that it is their work and philosophy to support the "pregnancy and delivery the patient wants”. They stayed true to this and provided constant, thorough and compassionate Obstetrics support throughout my pregnancy, 22 hour labor/delivery and postpartum. I found the level of care superior to my experiences in the US and definitely the Spanish medical culture (*please refer to my additional experience with a Spanish OB GYN below if you are interested). To be candid, if I had not found Dr. Hallier I would have not felt comfortable having my child outside of my home country(US) with the support of family as she provided extensive support, consultation and guidance throughout. Upon reflecting on the experience, I am overwhelmingly appreciative of Dr. Hallier’s and Ann Sophie’s professionalism, management of my delivery(consistent with my birth plan) and my husband and I as a family. Both of us feel very strongly regarding Dr. Hallier and her substantial role in making the experience so positive; we often consider what the experience would have been like in the States and we are quite confident it would have not been as personalized and supported. Lastly, Dr. Hallier and Ann Sophie have continued to be in communication with me 3 weeks after delivery demonstrating an exceptional interest in our well being and professionalism.
Many thanks to Dr. Hallier and Ann Sophie for highly personalized and positive birth experience; we absolutely would have not had with another doctor!
Additional History-My husband and I were thrilled when we found out we were expecting our first child in mid July while visiting our family in the States. Upon returning to Madrid, I scheduled an appointment with the OB GYN who I was seeing who works out of a private office. I saw him solely due to his affiliation with an English speaking physicians office as his bedside manner was extremely dated and not aligned with the level of care I have previously received in the States. After a few visits and his constant encouragement of a C-section for me ( I am a healthy individual with no complications) and even going so far to boldly assert that his "c section scars are hidden by the smallest of bikinis" in my 14th week of pregnancy and my seeming anxiety after an appointment, my husband found the IWHCM and Dr. Kamilla online. I promptly met with her in my 17th week and switched to her upon the first appointment as I felt completely at ease when discussing my birth plan and confident that she would support my husband and I without our families throughout the process. Further, she confidently and thoroughly walked me through pregnancy, appointments and a positive delivery as if she was family.
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6. Julia
26.02.2014 | 21:57

Für mich war es ein großer Wunsch, während der Geburt meines Sohnes eine Ärztin zur Seite zu haben, die höchst professionell, gleichzeitig einfühlsam und vertrauenswürdig ist und am liebsten noch meine Muttersprache spricht. Kamilla war für mich daher ein Geschenk des Himmels! Sie hat mich super während der Geburt begleitet! Toll und einzigartig war auch ihre Bereitschaft zu helfen, als ich mit meinem Baby schon zu Hause war und plötzlich tausend Fragen und Unsicherheiten hatte. Ich durfte sie immer anrufen und um Rat bitten. Ich hab mich rundum toll betreut gefühlt, und bin traurig, dass ich durch meinen Umzug nach Deutschland nicht mehr ihre Patientin sein kann - denn eine so gute Gynäkologin ist sehr schwer zu finden. Danke für alles Kamilla!!
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5. Kim
06.12.2013 | 18:45

I was very relieved and pleased to receive a recommendation from a friend regarding Dr Kamilla. I have found her warm, engaging, professional and very good at what she does. I can highly recommend her services.
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4. Orla
26.11.2013 | 22:48

Having moved to Madrid in the past few months it was daunting trying to find a doctor to take care of me during my pregnancy as I am not a proficient Spanish speaker. However, this all changed with my first meeting with Dr Kamilla. From the very beginning Kamilla made my husband and I feel very relaxed and her constant reassurance and dedication to her job saw us through what turned into a difficult pregnancy. After developing hypertension Kamilla stayed in constant contact with me to monitor the situation. Hypertension developed into preeclampsia in a matter of weeks. Kamilla was quick thinking, professional yet compassionate to me and my babies needs that any worries I had quickly vanished. Her devout dedication saw her examining my situation continuously on a daily basis. At 34 weeks blood results showed a swift change regarding the affect preeclampsia was having on me and immediate intervention was needed to avert any danger to me and my baby. Our son was born within hours of these results becoming available to Kamilla. Both my husband and I are in total agreement that we would not have received the same care and attention anywhere else that Kamilla so willingly provided to us. We will be forever grateful to Kamilla. We thank her for ensuring that my son and I are here and so well today. Ann-Sophie also deserves a thank you. During and post labour Ann-Sophie brought a sense of calmness to the situation we found ourselves in. Her empathy and sense of caring will always be remembered.
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3. Sonja
25.11.2013 | 12:15

Hallo liebe Kamilla, schön zu hören das es auf diesem Wege weiter geht. Ich bin froh sie hier in Marid zu haben und freue mich auf den nächsten Termin in der neuen Praxis. Liebe Grüsse Sonja
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2. Jennifer
23.10.2013 | 09:42

After 13 years in New York with the same gynecologist (who also delivered our daughter), I didn't think I would find someone here in Madrid who I could connect with so easily and quickly but I did. Dr. Hallier is a treasure and I can't recommend her more highly.
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1. Anika
14.10.2013 | 13:51

Kamilla, nochmals vielen Dank für die perfekte Betreuung während der Schwangerschaft! Mit deiner Energie, Menschlichkeit und Professionalität hast du es geschafft all unsere Bedenken und Ängste zu zerstreuen und eine schöne Geburt zu ermöglichen! Von ganzem Herzen Anika, Jaime und Milo
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