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46. Kirsten
from Kleve
13.11.2018 | 14:01

Ich möchte mich auch ganz herzlich bedanken bei Kamilla und ihrem großartigen Team love
Eine Krebserkrankung hat mich zu ihr geführt und ich fühlte mich sofort an die Hand genommen. Egal ob am Empfang durch Anna, die Physiotherapie bei Irene oder die Arztgespräche bei Kamilla, fühlte ich mich als Mensch mit meinen Sorgen und Ängsten wahrgenommen und all meine Fragen wurden beantwortet. Ich bekam Tipps und Hilfestellung in jeglicher Hinsicht. Kamilla stellte auch den Kontakt in die Anderson Cancer Klinik her und somit lief alles Hand in Hand. Selbst eine UnterleibsOP ist nicht schlimm wenn man von dieser tollen Ärztin operiert wird. Auch für meinen Mann war es neu, dass sofort nach der Operation ein erlösender Anruf kam, dass alles gut verlaufen ist.
Jetzt bin ich wieder im deutschen Gesundheitssystem angekommen und vermisse dieses Healthcare Center unsagbar. Sämtliche Versuche sie alle mitumzuziehen sind leider schiefgegangen. Ich wünsche dem gesamten Team und Kamilla alles alles Liebe und Gute, bleibt wie ihr seid, einfach spitze???
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45. Roxiny
from USA
13.11.2018 | 08:50

I always follow my instinct and meeting Dr. Kamilla Hallier was no different. Although I live in NYC, I wanted to be close to my parents when delivering. I also didn’t have much confidence in the care I would receive in the U.S. as statistics show an ever rising percentage of c-sections and mismanaged postnatal care. So, I began doing research on doctors in Madrid, Spain who had a more natural, holistic approach and ran across Kamilla’s practice. From the moment I met her I felt she and her team were extraordinary, and on the day my daughter was born they far surpassed all of my expectations. Cristina and Kamilla were a dream team. They were incredibly attentive, thorough, compassionate and kind every step of the way. I am leaving Madrid knowing that I was in the best hands. Thank you to Dr. Hallier, my midwife Cristina and the entire team at the IWHCM for such a beautiful birth experience.
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44. Anna Stothard
from Madrid | Spain
30.08.2018 | 15:20

Kamilla and her brilliant team helped and cared for me during my second pregnancy and the birth of my son Max. Kamilla is not only extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also a lovely, kind and funny person. I always looked forward to my appointments with her and her team (by the end of my pregnancy I basically lived at IWHC, seeing Kamilla, Jonathan, Irene, Cristina and Ann-Sophie in rotation !) - they have created such a nurturing and comforting space, for which I am extremely grateful.

Kamilla is obviously a big fan of the natural way, but she took my concerns and fears seriously and, given my medical history, we decided that a planned c-section was the best decision for me. I felt 100% supported in this decision. On the day I was totally terrified but Kamilla and Cristina did a great job keeping me calm. Kamilla's surgical handiwork is obviously top-notch (5 weeks after the operation my scar is tiny and very attractive, as far as scars go...) and the post-surgery care was extremely thorough.

I would not hesitate to recommend Kamilla and the team to anyone. I hated being pregnant and the c-section was no fun (despite Kamilla's best efforts), but I would seriously consider a third child just to get to hang out at IWHC some more.

Thanks to the whole team!!!
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43. Katja and Esteban and Emma
24.12.2017 | 15:22

Only two words: like home.
Kamilla and Anna (at the front desk) make you feel so welcome and well cared for, as if you visiting a good old friend who happens to be a gynecologist.
They are so well organised, and make it look easy, always greeting you with a big smile. There was no question unanswered, and always a few minutes more just to see how we are doing.
The clinic offers you the All-inclusive package, so you dont have to worry about a thing - a fact, I was very thankful for during pregnancy because I was everything between unorganised and forgetful. They offer the medical advice of Kamilla, the experience and tips of the two midwives Ann-Sophie and Cristina, the sportive attention of Irene (physiotherapist) and Estela (pilates teacher), and the lovely personality of them all - especially Anna, who listened to my worries and always had five (or more) minutes for my chitchat.
If you, like me, are not a fan of either doctors or hospitals, this is the right clinic for you.If you dont want to feel like a patient but a welcome visitor seeking some help, Kamilla and her team is the best choice!
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42. Cornelia Lang
13.12.2017 | 20:08

After some disappointing as well as "traumatizing" experiences in a public hospital I had the urgent need for a better alternative.
Lucky enough my partner found Kamillas clinic on the internet and from the first moment I entered there I knew I was in good hands. My impression proofed right throughout the whole pregnancy of our first child and especially during the delivery. Kamilla and her team (Anna, Cristina, Ann-Sophie) have been nothing but competent, understanding and human.
My whole pregnancy and the birth of my beautiful daughter was one amazing experience thanks to them. We really appreciate what they have done for us and words can hardly describe how thankful we are.
Thanks, Danke and Gracias
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41. Sophia Ketteler
28.11.2017 | 20:55

Als ich erfahren hatte, dass ich mit meinem ersten Kind schwanger bin und wusste, dass das letzte Trimester der Schwangerschaft und die Geburt in unseren einjährigen Auslandsaufenthalt in Madrid fallen wird, habe ich im Internet sofort nach einer deutschsprachigen Frauenärztin gesucht. Für mich war es wichtig, während dieser besonderen Zeit au meiner Muttersprache begleitet zu werden, da ich leider nur sehr wenig Spanisch spreche.
Ich bin dann relativ schnell auf Kamillas Praxis gestoßen, was sich als Riesenglück herausgestellt hat. Bereits die Telefonate vorab mit Anna, wo wir alles Organisatorische besprachen, war so freundlich - ich habe mich von der ersten Sekunde an gut aufgehoben und wohl gefühlt. Dieses Gefühl hat sich bei der ersten Vorsorgeuntersuchung bei Kamilla und den einzelnen Schwangerschaftskursen mit Ann-Sophie bzw. Cristina nur bestätigt. In der Praxis herrscht eine solche Ruhe und Gelassenheit, die Frauen verstehen sich alle blind und Kamilla überzeugt schnell durch ihre warme, unkomplizierte, erfrischend natürliche und kompetente Art.
Zu wissen mit welcher Ärztin, mit welcher Hebamme und in welchem Kreissaal man entbinden wird, ist ein wahrer Luxus und hat die Angst vor der Geburt stark reduziert. Die Geburt war aus diesem Grund ein wunderschönes Ereignis. Kamilla und Ann-Sophie arbeiten bereits so lange miteinander und verstehen sich blind, das konnte man richtig spüren.
Ich bin so glücklich die Praxis gefunden und meine erste Geburt mit diesem Team erlebt zu haben. Tausend Dank nochmal für alles!!!
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40. Arunima Dey
23.06.2017 | 20:57

I contacted Dr. Hallier while in search of a English speaking OBGYN in Madrid. From the very first appointment, she has been a constant source of encouragement and support. She was extremely patient will all my queries, she provided me impeccable pre natal healthcare and during this period, she became a wonderful source of strength for me.
The clinic itself is very beautiful in a minimalistic way and the moment you step in, you feel calm and reassured.
Anna, the receptionist/admin is very warm and friendly, and it is very touching to see how she cares to remember all your particulars.
Whenever I needed any kind of document from Anna and Dr Hallier, they provided them promptly. It was amazing to see how gladly they try to help you with anything they can.
Christina, the midwife, too gave me very useful advise and was very thorough and patient in explaining me everything.
Most importantly, Dr Hallier, supported me entirely despite my unusual choice to opt for a C-section. She made sure that I was fully informed of my choices, but when I decided to opt for C-section, she respected my choice as she herself said "Its her body, her choice" I am very grateful to Dr Hallier for this; for permitting to decide how I give birth no matter hoe strange the choice.
During the C-section surgery, Dr Hallier and her team were once again very assuring and supportive and helped me stay calm. She and her team did a wonderful job, my scar and stitches were perfect. Even during my recovery process, Dr Hallier and Anna were a huge help. They dont treat you as just patients but take genuine interest in your life, which indeed heart-warming.
I am a first time mom, and I cannot be thankful enough to Dr Hallier, Anna and Christina for making this a truly memorable experience. They were my biggest support besides my parents and I will truly cherish my moments with them.
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39. Noelia Fernandez Arroyo
12.05.2017 | 16:54

My experience with Dra. Hallier (Kamilla) and her team has been amazing. I am now the mother of three child. I had my first one in Barcelona, a natural birth with epidural, a second one in Switzerland natural and accidentally without epidural and this last April, a baby girl 100% planned natural and without epidural. I had been through the pain and my recovery had been better with the second child. So, this time, I wanted to prepare physically and mentally for it.
And I have to say that this was the best of all three. Kamilla, Cristina (midwife) and Anna (admin) were increidible as a team. Each with a fundamental role for such an important event.
Few things I would highlight:

In general, after this whole process, maternity and labor got a different meaning. More profound and better experience, mentally and physically. And of course, because of that wellbeing situation, your recovery as well as baby behavior goes much better.
I deeply recommend for any mum as this will make your experience of another dimension than traditional birth processes.
Gracias Kamilla, Cristina y Anna!!!
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38. Inés y Alejandro
22.03.2017 | 14:06

We do not have enough words to thank Dr. Hallier and her team for the incredible pregnancy and birth experience they have provided us with. After a very unsatisfactory experience during our previous pregnancy in a different place, we searched for a natural approach to childbirth and ended up in Dr. Hallier’s International Women’s Health Center. We could not have landed in a better place. Dr. Hallier is extremely reliable, helpful and considerate. She paid attention to all our concerns and fears, no matter how unimportant they appeared to be. While keeping calm and approaching our pregnancy from a relaxed and laid back point of view, she took into consideration all the possible risks and complications that could have arisen due to the fact that we were expecting twins and guided us through a safe and healthy pregnancy and birth process. Moreover, she took care of any previous conditions and made sure that they were properly addressed by the best professionals, such as amazing physiotherapist Begoña Caldera and her team, Irene García, who ensured that I properly prepared both for pregnancy and later recovery, as well as her amazing midwife Cristina Rodríguez, who was extremely supportive and made her very best effort to help us deal with our insecurities and fears regarding twin birth and breastfeeding. Even Anna, Dr. Hallier’s assistant, is incredibly friendly and welcoming, what makes every visit to Dr. Hallier’s Women’s Health Center a pleasure. To sum up, Dr. Hallier and her team provided us with the best experience ever, to the point that my (unfortunately necessary due to a previous condition) C-section just felt like the natural birth we had wished for. Should we decide to have a baby again, we would never let anyone but Dr. Hallier and her team take care of us and our family.
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37. Tara Beattie
26.02.2017 | 15:36

I can’t express how grateful I am to have Kamilla as my doctor. Before finding Kamilla, I had been using both private and public doctors. Although I felt that my private and social security doctors were knowledgeable and capable, I still had doubts about my labor experience. I had anxiety about not being able to communicate my needs and make decisions during birth. Once I went to Kamilla, all of my fears went away. I knew that she would give me the birth experience that I wanted and respect my needs as a patient. In addition, I felt safe in her care. I was impressed with Kamilla’s thoroughness and communication. She always responded to my questions promptly with a text or phone call. Kamilla was extremely patient with my family’s language barriers. She would take the time to explain everything to me and then translate into Spanish for my boyfriend. This was so helpful to us. During the birth, I had total confidence in Kamilla. After Anamaria was delivered, I had some bleeding in my cervix. I was extremely nervous about the situation, but Kamilla talked to me throughout the entire process and calmed my worries. I was impressed with her skill of tending to both my body and mind. I am so appreciative for everything that IWHCM provides. Ana’s welcoming smile at the front desk, Cristina’s tender support, and Kamilla’s dedication to providing the best care possible allowed me to have a positive experience through my pregnancy, labor, and post-natal weeks. I couldn’t ask for more.
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